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30077 Gunn. Ave, Mission, BC,  V4S 1J7  ●  Tel: 1-800-665-8186  ●  Fax: 604-820-8615  ● 
Email: info@meangreen.ca  ●  www.meangreen.ca

Company Information
MEAN GREEN is a 52 year old, privately held company with manufacturing plants in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Dallas, Texas. It manufactures a complete line of Hand Cleaners for Industry and Office; Cleaners and Degreasers for Industry, the Home and Office; a highly effective lubricant for the Oil Patch; and, the single most effective Cleaner/Deodorizer for Holding Tanks in RV's, Marinas, and campgrounds and other applications.
The Company was in the Custom Chemical Compounding business when, in 1981, it acquired the formulation for the revolutionary new MEAN GREEN Power Hand Scrub. Since then, Mean Green, with the Power Hand Scrub as its leading product, has moved into several other industrial, oilfield, and office fields always with the commitment to only manufacturing high quality, effective and unique products. The Company has been very successful at doing just that and looks forward to more challenges in the 21st Century.
Mean Green Canada has been trusted to get dirty hands clean since 1981. Many of our customers have been with us since day one and 70% of our new customers are from referrals!
At Mean Green, we not only believe in helping our environment, we believe in supporting others too. With every purchase, you are helping us support "Anything Possible" Society in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. "Anything Possible" supports people with developmental disabilities and assists them to access services in their communities. Their respite program supports families with individuals who have special needs and is a non-profit society. At Mean Green, we work with "Anything Possible" by providing a safe and happy working environment for people with developmental disabilities.
Depending on the individual’s ability, they may stick the labels on the tubs, fill the tubs with our Hand Scrub or package the final product in boxes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Let’s work together to continually provide support and necessary funding for this program. Help us help them!
Mean Green – Go Green and Get Clean!