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Welcome to Mean Green Canada.

Top 10 Reasons Why Our Mean Green Hand Scrub is the Best!

  1. Outlasts and outperforms the competition 3:1 – In fact, it’s so concentrated you’ll get 1000 hand washes per 1.89L tub when using our Mean Green Dispenser!
  1. You spoke and we listened! We have improved our famous Hand Scrub to contain a new Antiseptic Formula! It’s gentle on the hands while cleaning out the nicks and cuts, prevents infections and actually helps your skin heal faster! It also smells great! Say “Goodbye” to sore, cracked hands and chemical odors!
  1. Our Hand Scrub is the meanest on the market when tackling dirt, but it’s also the gentlest on your skin! Think that’s a contradiction? How can this be? Simple - Mean Green DOES NOT STRIP YOUR SKIN OF IT’S NATURAL OILS when cleaning! This is very important, as the oils in your skin are your protective barrier! The oils help prevent harmful substances being absorbed into your bloodstream and finally being deposited in your internal organs! Our Mean Green Hand Scrub gently REMOVES the harmful chemicals from your skin, IT DOES NOT ADD TO THEM!!!
  1. Our newest product – The Mean Green Organic Hand Scrub does exactly the same job as our regular Hand Scrub with all the great benefits, but costs a little less, is even more gentle on your skin as well as environmentally friendly! Instead of poly scrubbers, our Organic Hand Scrub contains shredded corn husks. For those wanting to do something good for themselves and the environment - GO ORGANICALLY GREEN!!! 
  1. Our Hand Scrub will take off virtually ANY dirt, grime or grease!!! Put it to the test – We dare you!
  1. We manufacture our Hand Scrub ourselves right here in Port Coquitlam. We use the best ingredients and because we care for our environment, we have completely stopped manufacturing any products that contain environmentally harmful solvents.

Good Things come from Good Things

  1. Did you know that with each and every purchase, you are supporting "Anything Possible" Society? "Anything possible" in Coquitlam, supports people with developmental disabilities and assists them to access services in their communities. Their respite program supports families with individuals who have special needs and is a nonprofit society. At Mean Green, we work with "Anything Possible" by providing a safe and happy working environment for people with developmental disabilities. Depending on the individual’s ability, they may stick the labels on the tubs, fill the tubs with our Hand Scrub or package the final product in boxes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!. Let’s work together to continually provide support and necessary funding for this program. Help us help them!

Customer Support 

  1. We offer outstanding, local customer support. No dialing 1-800 numbers and listening to options. In most cases, we ship the same day we receive your order!


  1. Our dispensers are manufactured to the highest industrial standards and we stand behind our product. Should your dispenser ever break, call us and we’ll send you a replacement Free Of Charge! 

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Many of our customers have been with us since we first started the company in 1981. In fact, 70% of our new clients are from referrals. This speaks for itself! Mean Green is simply the best on the market. It’s good for you and our environment - so GO GREEN! Call us today and we’ll assess your situation then provide you with a product that will work for you!

    You may work hard, but your skin doesn’t have to prove it! Use Mean Green – Take Care!